Lord of the flies

Before & After

Sketchbook stuff: Hetalia- The Braginskys

Some Hetalia doodles of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus… such a joyful family…:) (aaand a cameo appearance of the Byzantine Empire as well.)

Traveling through time and space.

(An illustration/concept art from a personal project)

Sketchbook stuff: X-men #2

Chilling. Ugh…this summer never seems to end!

A doodle just for fun

other X-men sketches:



An illustration I made for ‘Dimitri’s Bookbinding Corner’ facebook page.

(and a progress steps gif! I always wanted to make one!:P)

If you’re a booklover, go visit his blog and have a look at his amazing work!


Yet more lord of the flies.

Some Simon (and the beast), a little of Ralph and sketchy-to-finished stuff!

Pack Attack

I’ve made this as a small gift for my brother’s birthday in the same kind of way I’ve made one for myself back in October: http://petitemarianna.tumblr.com/post/68280817128/turtle-woods-one-of-my-most-treasured-childhood

So, since one of our most cherished childhood memories was the old school, playstation 1 platform games, it seemed only right to depict him in one of his favorite levels; Pack Attack from Crash Bandicoot! I remember myself straggling with this- up and down controls were reversed because of the jet pack- I really hated that jet pack and I’ve always made my brother to play in my place. He instead…reaeally liked it so, yeah…:)

(I mean…he even uses Pack Attack’s soundtrack as his ringtone… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsvHQCTgHvg)

The Alexandrov choir (or else known as the Red Army Choir) is considered by many the greatest male choir in the world.

I was lucky enough to attend one of their performances a couple of years back. The experience was overwhelming and by far one of the most memorable events I’ve ever been to!

Take some time if you will to listen to this selection of songs to get an idea and see for yourselves. Enjoy!:)






for more information:



Sketchbook -Sleeping Beauty

Sneak peek; Pencils and concepts - colored one to follow soon.

Some of the posters I’ve made for Athens Lindy Hop Vaudeville Revue ‘14.


Hawaiian inspired (& themed) and vintage/pin-up influenced. :)