The Alexandrov choir (or else known as the Red Army Choir) is considered by many the greatest male choir in the world.

I was lucky enough to attend one of their performances a couple of years back. The experience was overwhelming and by far one of the most memorable events I’ve ever been to!

Take some time if you will to listen to this selection of songs to get an idea and see for yourselves. Enjoy!:)



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Sketchbook -Sleeping Beauty

Sneak peek; Pencils and concepts - colored one to follow soon.

Some of the posters I’ve made for Athens Lindy Hop Vaudeville Revue ‘14.

Hawaiian inspired (& themed) and vintage/pin-up influenced. :)


Another illustration from ‘the wandering man’/space series.

Previous ones:



watercolor, acrylic, chalk

Sketchbook stuff: Russian folk

A wild Baba Yaga appears :) - I’ve read some russian folktales recently, so here’s the result… more to follow at some point.

Aaand Swan Lake doodles -yes the original story is not russian but I was inspired by Tchaicovsky’s ballet to put a russian feel to those sketches.

Some Tesla character designs. He had quite an interesting face and I had a really hard but also wonderful time sketching those.

Also a quick watercolour practise. Tesla taking a stroll in the woods to do some thinking…

Lord of the flies studies once again… Lots of Jack and Ralph sketches here.

Some of the illustrations i did for calycha cosmetics. (

I had a really good time working on this project!:)

Character design.

Gonna upload a coloured version too soon enough…

"The ponderings of a Hufflepuff"

So we hufflepuffs (because by pottermore i’m a hufflepuff and quite proud of it ;P) have this groovy House ghost, the fat friar. Fat friar was a wizard who devoted himself to religion. Didn’t cross my mind that he could also be interesting but then again, fat friar lived during the middle agesĀ  -when witches and others were being tortured and put to death by the church.That sounds a little too messy a situation for someone who’s both those things (man of religion/wizard). This contradiction could make fat friar as messed up as helena ravenclaw at some point… Oh well!Let’s say he didn’t drink just cause he liked drinking…

But then eventually he died and happily returned to Hogwarts, were he spends his time being cool and all… :D

So a little fanart about hufflepuff!